About Us

Based in Washington, D.C., GDG Exhibits Trust is dedicated to the organization, design, management, and touring of valuable exhibits.

GDG is recognized for its professional planning capabilities, skilled management, and superior artistic achievements. Additionally, the company’s demonstrated ability to resolve the myriad of design and management problems associated with its diversified accounts has earned it numerous awards, mentions and citations. Whether working on a special exhibit or assembling an art collection for a corporate account or major institution, GDG has a unique understanding of the public’s expectations and a demonstrated ability to address the special needs associated with each collection.

GDG has been repeatedly recognized for its tireless attention to detail and its exceptional ability to perform on time and on budget. With the combined skills of its in-house design, production and fabrication capabilities, and its network of resources, GDG offers a proven ability to control cost and a thorough knowledge of the most complex exhibit design, management and promotional requirements.